TRBN™ is a locally owned, founded in British Columbia, membership based business network for business professionals with common goals, interests and a desire to give back to the local community, representing their various professions.

There are many benefits to joining a local TRBN™ chapter, here are just a few:

1 - Increased visibility and exposure: Small and medium sized businesses can benefit from being part of TRBN™ by increasing their visibility and exposure to potential customers, this can lead to increased brand awareness, new customers, partnerships, and more business opportunities. This is particularly important for small, medium and new businesses that may not have the marketing resources to compete with larger companies.

2 - Shared knowledge and expertise: TRBN™ provides an environment for businesses to share their knowledge and expertise with each other. This can help businesses learn from one another and develop new skills and ideas. Members share valuable resources and information, such as marketing strategies, business development tips, and best practices. This helps all member businesses grow and succeed.

3 - Collaborative marketing: TRBN™ members often pool their marketing resources to create joint marketing campaigns and events, which help increase brand awareness, lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, innovation and attract new customers.

4 - Support: TRBN™ provides support and mentorship to members, which can be particularly valuable for new or struggling businesses.

5 - Support in times of crisis: such as during a pandemic or even natural disasters, our TRBN™ network of local chapters can provide support and resources to help businesses weather the storm and recover more quickly.

6 - Community involvement: Small businesses that are part of TRBN™, often play an active role in the community, participating in events and initiatives that benefit the local area. At TRBN™ we engage in fundraising to help support local families in need within the local communities that our chapters do business in. This can lead to increased goodwill and positive public relations for members.

Overall, being part of a TRBN™ chapter can help your businesses grow, connect with the community, and navigate the challenges of running a small or medium sized business.